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    Im BIGMURPH ive been around the forums for a couple of years now. I go by a couple of different names depending on what forum im at but mostly BIGMURPH.
    I hope that I can help some people here and I also want to learn. I have been a supporter of Anabolic lab from the beginning. I really appreciate all the testing and the harm reduction that comes from it.
    I love information so I will be reading alot and if I can help I will be posting the advice of information I know.
    My stats are
    222lb as of this morning 10/14
    BF% 14-16% im not ripped but im not fat either ive got abs. They don't call me BIGMURPH because im ripped and getting onstage im just a big guy for 5'10" and enjoy staying in shape. Working out keeps me from going insane.
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